Monday, February 14, 2011

Thesis Update

First I'd like to thank everyone who has filled out my survey so far I really appreciate it! If you haven't filled out my survey yet then please feel free to do so. Also don't forget to send the survey to your friends as well.

Last week in class we had to do a pitch presentation for our thesis idea. It had to be a 5 minute presentation and we pitched it to our professor, classmates, and 2 guests designers. My presentation went well, but I got some interesting feedback. After seeing my survey and the results I was asked how I got the word out about my survey. I said that I had posted it on my blog and invited people to it via Facebook. So upon hearing that I was told that my results seemed more like a snapshot of my friends rather then a sampling of random people. They suggested that I take the survey to the streets to get a more random sampling of people, which I'm not opposed to doing if need be. But what surprised me is the fact that they said that the survey could be it's own thing all together; and that I could build a website around the results. Now while I think this is a good idea, this isn't really what I wanted to do. The survey for me, aids as a research tool. I don't see it being anything more than that, though I'm not opposed to it totally either.
I thought about this advice for awhile and decided that I want to still stick to my original intent. (which I won't talk about now) Maybe I'm being stubborn, but this is just how I feel. We'll see how class goes Wednesday night, and I'll let you know from there.